Madrock Theatre Troupe

Ready to welcome you Home!

For information and assistance, please contact us @ or call us @ (709) 786-0590.

Our new season is dedicated to the life-work and memory of

Elizabeth Young-Power.

A longstanding member of our troupe has slipped quietly away to eternal love and laughter at the great theatre where fun never ends.

Thank you for your voice, your friendship, your love and your laughter.

Until we meet again, may the angels be entertained and God hold you in the palm of His hand.

"Hows About a Time?"

Scenes from our Summer2022 Season

"Duh best coffee - a cup everyday!"

"And, by the way, that was not your purse that you were rooting around in."

"Oh my, I 'm so excited. I just signed up for Fisherman's Friend."

"It keeps duh sheets off me sunburn at night."

"What did you give up for Lent?"

"Did you know that a can of Vienna Sausages cost tree dollars dese days?"

"How's About a Time?"

Much loved previous seasons.